Artist Bio

IMG_8262.jpgAs Thome George walks the quiet creek banks near his hundred-year-old farmhouse, searching for sticks of river birch, his vision carries him beyond Washington State's Methow Valley (pronounced MET-HOW), into the poetic realm of the imagination, where anything is possible.

Joining native woods with his creative insight, George makes furniture that displays a rare blend of heartfelt care and detailed craftsmanship.  Each piece that springs from his verdant imagination is handcrafted with respect for nature's whimsical side, married to a fine-art sensibility honed by years of study - and work - in furniture construction and design. Harkening back to an earlier era of single-minded attention to detail, each Sweet Tree creation reveals George's ability to harness nature's chaotic life force, distilled and composed into an object of undeniable beauty and utility.  

"Each Sweet Tree Design piece celebrates the twin miracles of life
and love of craft, made manifest in the hands of a master builder."